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How will Making Tax Digital for VAT impact my eCommerce business?

10 min read Starting from November 2022, all VAT-registered businesses have had to file VAT returns through the Making Tax Digital for VAT portal introduced by HMRC. Yet, many companies, especially eCommerce stores, continue to be unaware of how this works or how to transition from their old online VAT accounts, which opens them up […]

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Make limited company accounts preparation easy: Follow these tips

10 min read As the owner of a limited company, there are certain laws you must follow regarding your books of accounts. And in theory, it is perfectly possible to handle those books yourself as long as you are aware of the laws and the relevant deadlines.   However, in practice, it is almost always […]

How landlord accountants can help you survive the UK’s mortgage mayhem

10 min read Homeowners and landlords in the UK are facing increased mortgage rates for the first time in a long while, as the Bank of England upped its base rate to curb inflation. Interest rates are expected to keep rising, which will increase monthly mortgage payment brackets and could significantly affect the housing economy. […]

Why UK businesses need to prepare financial statements

10 min read Financial statements are an important part of running a business in any part of the world, and the UK is no exception. They provide insight into the financial health of a company and are used by the leadership, investors, lenders, and other stakeholders for decision-making purposes. Why is it important to understand […]

How to make cash flow management a breeze for your small business

10 min read The phrase “cash is king” is a colloquial expression you may have heard a million times! It suggests that having cash on hand is more valuable than other assets, such as property or investments.   And yes, “cash is king” for sure for small businesses who can struggle to generate revenue and […]

8 factors to consider when choosing the best accounting software

5 min read Today, businesses rely on accounting software to keep track of their finances, anticipate sales, and manage inventory, rather than paper ledgers or Excel sheets. The technology offers several benefits, including reducing the risk of human error, providing access to critical data, and offering the ability to automate payroll and tax compliance. However, […]

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