Our pricing

At Golding Accountancy, we believe in being open and upfront about our pricing; we want you to feel confident about working with us! Why add any confusion about costs to get in the way of that?
And let’s face it, who likes feeling in the dark about money? Not us. You never have to worry about talking about money with us!

We don’t do
packages, mate

Ever come across the traditional bronze, silver and gold pricing packages? Yeah, we don’t do that. Sure, there’ll be some costs across the board that are always the same. But we believe every business has a wildly different set of requirements, and it’s not fair to lump everything into a “one-size-fits-all” box.

And how do we
price our services, you ask?

Using our favourite proposal tool, GoProposal™.
The pricing is transparent and standardised across all clients. Your price is based on your circumstance, not based on a guesstimation.
Moreover, we’ll never send you an unexpected bill. Our fees are agreed upon upfront. Any additional work requested will be quoted for before any work is undertaken.

Our pricing is unique to the individual/business and
assessed according to the complexity of the work

Limited companies
Small businesses
Director Tax ReturnsStarting from £234.00
LandlordsLandlord Tax ReturnsStarting from £324.00
CISCIS Tax ReturnsStarting from £384.00
Individuals and partnershipsSelf Assessment Tax ReturnsStarting from £300.00
Sole traders
Digital content creators
Taxi drivers
Driving instructors
Delivery drivers
Self Employment Registration
Self-Employed Tax Returns
Starting from £60.00
Starting from £234.00

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll pay absolutely nothing. The only time we charge is for training on Xero and Dext. Conversion is free from SAGE or Quick books.
As standard, we’ll always tell you the VAT inclusive price. Quoting without VAT means you don’t get the full story. We find this incredibly frustrating, and we’re sure you do too. We believe in clear and honest pricing, which is why all our quotes contain VAT.

The 4 ‘Golding’
rules we live by


Always ready to get straight to the point and speak candidly with our clients.


Realise that a partnership can’t succeed without openness.


Thrilled about your business and fully dedicated to your passion.


Driven by people, their unique stories and diverse perspectives.

The kind of people
We work with

We’ll help anyone who’s excited about their craft, committed to their passion, and interested in getting to the heart of the financial matter. Our USP lies in our ability to provide top level tax advice to business in a wide range of sectors and backgrounds. And we deliver brilliant results.

Proof we are not

Our wide-ranging
tech stack

We work on the top software and applications in the industry, delivering to you the very best possible.
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Fancy a cuppa
with us?

Get in touch with Golding Accountancy for guidance on the ins and outs of accounting, taxation and financial management. Let’s hang out – it’s on us!

PS: We love biscuits.
Or, email us at info@wearegolding.com
Or, email us at info@wearegolding.com
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