Do instant
receipt scanning with Dext

Managing paper receipts and invoices is a nuisance. Get rid of paper piles for good with Dext. Conveniently snap, scan, and upload receipts on the go from the mobile app! Take help from our Dext accountants.
Save some serious time spent on admin.

What does
Dext do?

Whether you’re an SME owner or self-employed, you’re bound to spin many plates. Keeping track of receipts is a painstaking yet essential task. If you don’t have a system for managing your receipts, you invariably create more work for yourself and increase your labour costs.
That’s where using Dext can make all the difference! Digitise all your receipts and bills in one place and stay on top of your business admin and finances. Connect Dext with any accounting software, such as Xero or QuickBooks, with one click. Moreover, our Dext accountants can help maintain your books, conduct tax audits, and file Self Assessment tax returns.
So what are you waiting for? Never lose a receipt or invoice again with Dext!

Benefits of using
Dext accounting software

Instant bookkeeping

Snap a photo of your receipts or send them directly from your email. Dext will extract all the data needed for your bookkeeping and send it to your accounting software. It’s really that simple!

Receipt management

No hidden fees with Golding Accountancy! We’re all about transparent payments and even offer the option to pay monthly. Plus, we’re pretty laid-back. Want a hassle-free payment experience? You got it!

Easy Self Assessment

You can export a copy of all your receipts and their data into PDF and CSV files. The arrangement is perfect for an audit or when filing your Self Assessment. Contact us today for more info.

Why choose our
Dext accountants

Even though the receipt scanning software is easy to use and extremely handy, there’s no harm in taking help from our
accountants. After all, we are Dext Certified Partners, so we know what we’re talking about.

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We work on the top software and applications in the industry, delivering to you the very best possible.
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