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The role of technology in accounting: trends and opportunities

6 min read Modern accounting refers to the transformation of traditional accounting practices by incorporating modern technologies and processes to automate routine tasks and improve the efficiency of the accounting process. Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and real-time integration are a few emerging accounting technology trends.   The goal here is not […]

Accounting tips for influencers and digital content creators

6 min read The influencer life can be extremely rewarding if you are smart about it. Getting paid to dress up in free branded clothes, produce video content, visit exciting places, and enjoy brand partnerships that span digital media, oh yes!   An influencer – with a knack for creating digital content – is running […]

Why UK businesses need to prepare financial statements

Banner- Why UK businesses need to prepare financial statements

Financial statements are an important part of running a business in any part of the world, and the UK is no exception. They provide insight into the financial health of a company and are used by the leadership, investors, lenders, and other stakeholders for decision-making purposes. Why is it important to understand the financial aspect […]

Basics of business accounting: What to know

Basics of business accounting: What to know

When you think of accounting, you might be thinking of a dreary room piled high with paperwork and occupied by hassled, grim-faced accountants. The truth isn’t nearly as bad – business accounting simply requires you to record all your transactions correctly and on time and regularly review your books to gauge your financial performance.   […]

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