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Dealing with payroll can be a burden, especially when you’re running your own company and don’t have time to sort through payroll legislation or invest in expensive payroll software. That’s where the team at Golding Accountancy comes in – we handle the payroll while you build your business! It pays to outsource your payroll to us.

Payroll may seem like an easy admin task at first, but it can quickly become an enormous burden for an entrepreneur. As your business expands, payroll becomes more complex, with multiple regulations and deadlines to comply with.
Moreover, it’s important not to treat UK payroll as just something on the day-to-day but as a business function that needs to be planned for, especially as legislation changes and new technologies emerge. 

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When you use our online payroll services in the UK, you can rest easy on all these fronts. Our experienced payroll accountants offer bespoke support that takes care of your unique and evolving payroll needs and answers any questions you may have. Here’s what happens when you use our payroll solutions in the UK:

  • Rest easy knowing that your payroll is being processed in a timely and accurate fashion
  • Free up your time to devote to growing your business
  • Avoid the risk of being penalised by HMRC
  • Gain access to the latest payroll technologies
  • Reduce the cost of running your payroll
And the best part is that we guide you through all the aspects of payroll management, from the basics to the complex parts, even if you are entirely new to payroll outsourcing. Reach out today to know more.

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Let this be the year you enjoy the many benefits of payroll outsourcing. At Golding Accountancy, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our services and the tailored approach we take to ensure full compliance for your business. So what do you get at the end of it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll refers to the process of paying a company’s employees and tracking relevant records, including taxes owed and any deductions or extra payments.

Payroll may not be a core business function, but payroll mistakes could lead to costly delays, unhappy employees and trouble with the HMRC. By outsourcing to experts, businesses ensure that they fully comply with all laws and have the necessary budget to pay everyone accurately and on time.

The comprehensive services Golding Accountancy typically offers include administering PAYE, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, national insurance and so on, sorting out bonuses, ex-gratia termination payment and incentives, completing year-end returns and all statutory forms, preparing computer-generated payslips, analysing and summarising staff costs.

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From the fundamentals to the most complex queries, we’ve got your back on all things accounting and taxation. Our accounting services in the UK are the real deal!

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