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Self Assessment tax returns can be daunting to complete, especially when you’re new to them. At Golding Accountancy, we help you file early to avoid penalties and look for tax-saving opportunities that make you save big bucks! Why not?

This service starts from £300.00.

Every year, thousands of people in the UK miss their tax deadlines. While filing taxes is a must for many individuals, from landlords to self-employed people to company directors, most need help understanding how Self Assessment works.
You might be one of them, yet you might be hesitant to outsource your tax returns. Here’s why you absolutely should:
HMRC requirements for Self Assessment tax returns can be difficult to understand if you’re not a tax professional or someone with an accounting background. If you try to do it on your own, you are likely to make several mistakes or miss tax savings.
Even if you understand what’s needed, Self Assessment returns can be time-consuming. And as a busy business owner spinning multiple plates, you may not always have that time.
Changing life circumstances like marriage, school fees, divorce or retirement will change how you are required to file your taxes. Keeping up with all those changes can be tough!
HMRC is becoming increasingly strict with penalties, which means submitting accurately and on time is more vital than ever.

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Golding’s accountants work with you to prepare a personal tax plan that minimises your burden and helps you plan financially for your end-of-year payments. We have extensive experience dealing with HMRC requirements and will ensure you’re always compliant. So what do you get when you work with our Self Assessment tax return accountants at the end?

  • Detailed analysis of income and expenses
  • Minimum tax liability and maximised personal income
  • Preparation and filing of SA100 with HMRC on your behalf
  • Accounts prepared and finalised on a professional software of your choice
With our assistance, you can trust that your tax return will be thorough and precise. Our responses to any questions you may have will be clear and easy to comprehend.

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Self Assessment tax return services

You get to enjoy many benefits when you opt for this support, such as experienced accountants reviewing your finances to uncover potential tax reliefs and allowances. Whatever you need us to do – we’ll handle it rather easily for you. Golding Accountancy offers a comprehensive range of Self Assessment tax return services:

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you do your own Self Assessment, you run the risk of making mistakes and also potentially losing out on tax benefits you could be eligible for. By working with a Self Assessment tax return accountant, you get tailored advice on how to minimise your tax bill while staying fully compliant.

Missing your Self Assessment deadline will incur a penalty of up to £100 if you’re less than three months late, and higher as more time goes by. You’ll also have to pay interest on late payments. It’s more vital than ever now to have a reliable tax plan, as laws become more stringent and penalties become heavier. Do the right thing and talk to one of our experts today – we’d be happy to help.

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