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Running a business is hard, and it gets harder when you have to handle everything (like doing your books) on your own. At Golding Accountancy, we take bookkeeping off your plate so you can focus on your biz while being confident your financials are in good hands.
As a business owner, it’s understandable you’d want to handle your business your way. The truth is, however, that one person can’t do everything – and bookkeeping, especially, can be hard to keep up with for a busy leader! Why, you ask? Here are some reasons:

On average, micro businesses spend 15 hours a week on financial admin. That means taking time every day to review your entries and reconcile receipts and expenses!

If you think bookkeeping is stressful, you’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs regard dealing with finances as the biggest stress of running a company, high enough for some to make them unwell.

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At Golding Accountancy, we help you free up your time and mental space by handling your books on your behalf. Whether for your annual records or an HMRC inspection, we ensure your records are always ready. When you work with us, we will:
  • Study all existing paperwork of your business and identify opportunities for efficiency
  • Help you understand how the numbers work, such as how your costs can be attributed
  • Review and make suggestions to enhance your internal business processes
  • Use professional accounting software to record all transactions
  • Track all money and goods coming in and going out

In other words, everything you need for a lawful and efficient business practice – at highly affordable rates!

What our online
bookkeeping services in the UK cover

Get personalised support from our FCCA-qualified accountants. Our bookkeeping service includes hands-on planning and tailored solutions for your needs. So what do you get at the end of it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkeeping involves recording and organising a company’s financial transactions. It requires staying on top of all day-to-day company expenses and is vital for tax purposes, legal compliance and always having a pulse on the company’s financial health.

A bookkeeper is in charge of maintaining and updating all of the company’s transactional accounts. They monitor all incoming and outgoing payments and ensure they’re recorded with due accuracy. They also maintain the reconciliation of the bank accounts. At Golding Accountancy, we’re proud to have a team of seasoned bookkeepers who can help your company achieve the financial prosperity it deserves. Reach out for a chat today to discuss our online bookkeeping services!

Without bookkeeping, a business would no longer have a clear picture of their financial visibility and be able to track cash flow projections and statements. Moreover, a failure to maintain your books of accounts could disqualify you as Company Director and lead to fines of up to £3,000. You would not be in a position to understand your tax position either. In other words, not maintaining your books of accounts could prove highly expensive!

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From the fundamentals to the most complex queries, we’ve got your back on all things accounting and taxation. Our accounting services in the UK are the real deal!

No BS, never

We keep it real and tell it like it is – no fancy jargon or beating around the bush – just honest advice.

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We use the latest and best technology, so you know your tax liabilities in advance and can take action asap.

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Need help? Just give us a call! It’s free, and we’re happy to assist with any business struggles.

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We don’t rush into anything; instead, we take time for a soothing cup of tea and honest chats with you about your biz. Be steady.

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We’ve got all your bookkeeping, VAT, payroll, Self Assessment, and cash flow needs covered. Delegate the work to us and relax.

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We’ll help anyone who’s excited about their craft, committed to their passion, and interested in getting to the heart of the financial matter. Our USP lies in our ability to provide top level tax advice to business in a wide range of sectors and backgrounds. And we deliver brilliant results.

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