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Going digital for filing a Self Assessment tax return

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As an individual service provider or business owner, you will need to undertake filing a Self Assessment tax return. Your business must be in full compliance with the tax laws, which can apply in various ways depending on the size of the company you are running and the exemptions your industry is eligible for.   […]

What if I can’t pay my Self Assessment Tax in full by April 1st?


If you missed the payment deadline for Self Assessment on 31st January, there’s good news.    HMRC are giving you more time to pay your Self Assessment Tax due to the impact of Covid-19.    Although the deadline didn’t change in 2021 despite the financial hardship faced by many businesses in the Covid Crisis, taxpayers […]

If your Self Assessment tax return was painful and time consuming, it’s time to get set up on 1tap receipts

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When you’re a sole trader running a small business, your time is your most valuable resource. You can make small changes in your business to manage your most valuable resource more effectively.

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