How much does it cost to work with Golding?

We think it’s really important to be open about how we price. 
Although ‘How much does it cost?’ isn’t always the first question we’re asked by business owners enquiring about our services, it does always pop up in the conversation somewhere. 
And we understand why of course. When you’re running a business you’re cost conscious. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you’re in the dark when it comes to money – that’s quite literally the opposite of what we do. We’re all about helping you to know exactly how much cash you do have coming in and out of your business, so that you can make more informed decisions.
The quick answer is – it all depends, and that’s actually a good thing. 
Let’s explain.

We don’t do traditional packages

We feel that the traditional bronze, silver, gold package structure doesn’t work for the wide variety of businesses we support. One business may have wildly different requirements to another, so it would be unfair to lump you all into a one-size-fits-all box. On one end of the scale, you could be paying too much for what you really need. On the other end, you might be paying what you want to pay and completely missing out on value. 
We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent and upfront with our fees. We will put together a ‘package’ for you and your business, but it’ll be a guaranteed bespoke, set price with no hidden extras.
There are some costs that are always the same:
  • Standard Xero Subscription is £24.00 + VAT (£28.80 incl.), per month.
  • Receipt Bank is a contribution of £15.00 + VAT (£18.00 incl.) per month
  • Company Tax Investigation Insurance is £10.42 + VAT (£12.50 incl.) per month than less more than 2 directors.
  • Use of Registered office is £6.25 + VAT (£7.50 incl.)
  • Unlimited telephone support for general enquiries – Free!

We explain our pricing process, so you’re always in control

Though this blog post can’t tell you exactly what your bespoke cost will be, we can explain our process of taking payments, so that you’re always in the know about how this relationship works. 

It goes without saying - no one likes unexpected bills. We also don’t like bills that don’t tell us the full story. 

1. Your year end accounts are paid for on a monthly basis

We do this to help with cash flow, so that you don’t have a huge invoice to worry about.
  • We will invoice and collect on the 1st of each month vid Direct Debit provided by GoCardless ™.
  • Your invoice will always be emailed to you.
  • We endeavour to ensure that all the payments are made within the accounting period
  • For work paid on invoice, Our payment terms are always 14 days from the invoice date
  • We accept bank transfers and card payments (Via Stripe)

2. We price via our proposal tool, GoProposal™ 

GoProposal (GP) is a digital pricing tool that we use to send you a quote. GP makes it really easy for us to produce a quote quickly and collaboratively. If we’re in a meeting, we can run you through the services we advise for you, and put together a quote right in front of your eyes. Doesn’t get more transparent than that! 
Remember, your price is based on your circumstance, not based on a guesstimation, and the beauty of GoProposal is that we can easily update the quote with you if the scope changes and we need to re-evaluate your requirements. Both yours and our data is fully encrypted, so you can be sure that you’re in safe hands too. 

3. We will tell you the VAT inclusive price as standard 

VAT registered? Then you receive a + VAT price. 
Not VAT registered? Then why should you have to work out the total you will pay? 
It’s as simple as that.
We see the same situation over and over again. Selling a house is a great example. You’re expecting one fee and find that all of a sudden the costs are 20% higher because the agent has neglected to quote VAT to you. We find this incredibly frustrating, and we’re sure you do too. We believe in clear and honest pricing, which is why all our quotes contain VAT as standard. 

4. We will never send you an unexpected bill

Our fees are agreed upfront. Any additional work that is requested will be quoted for before any work is undertaken.

What does it cost to bring your old accounts over?

Absolutely nothing.
The only time we charge is for training on Xero and Receipt Bank. Conversion is free from SAGE or Quick books. 

You don’t need to worry about talking money with us

Jokes about British awkwardness aside, we’re always available to talk about this stuff. Whether it be understanding more about what you need and what it’ll cost, or talking about your pricing structure and how it can affect your bottom line. We don’t shy away from talking about the real situations and the honest worries  – if we did, we’d be in the wrong profession!

Want an honest quote for what you need?

Visit our pricing page.

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