Being a business owner can feel lonely, you need someone to bounce the big ideas around with. Someone to help you through the inevitable challenges.

In the early stages you’re doing everything, wearing every hat, performing every finance role. Eventually you realise you can’t (and don’t want to) do everything yourself.

You’re growing fast. And you need an Outsourced Finance Sidekick.

When is the right time to



Outsource when you’re running out of time

Not only will outsourcing the accounting free up more time for you to focus on the profitable tasks you actually enjoy, it means you’ll have an expert on your team, to show you how to use the accounting function to grow your business according to your goals.


Outsource when the stress of accounting tasks is killing your passion

Your passion isn’t for the numbers. You do what you do because you love it and you’re good at it. What you really need is a sidekick to back up your passion with the numbers.

Read our blog to see if you’re ready for outsourced support.

Handle everything under one roof

You don’t need to have a separate bookkeeper, business coach, accountant. That can get confusing and cross communication can be tricky. With Golding as your outsourced finance sidekick, we become an integral part you business.

You don’t have to outsource everything at once. We can drop in the support you need piece by piece.

Hear from other business owners who’ve been through the process

We employ the best technology at the


Xero + Dext Prepare = the Golding standard

Xero makes our client’s accounting responsibilities fast and easy. They love Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank, because they can upload bills and expenses on the go. No more digging out receipts from under the sofa or inside the glove compartment.

Xero + Dext Prepare + All the other Xero
connected apps = endless possibilities

Better productivity, project management, people management. Quicker sales, faster payments, happier customers. With over 500 apps in the Xero marketplace, the world is your Oyster. We’ll help you find and trial the best apps for your business and industry.

Want to get started already?